What is Craft Beer?

Not too far from where you live a new bar has opened. It’s not like all the other places, seedy little dives where the same four cars sit day after day, week after week.  It is different. There is something subtle about the place that you can’t quite put your finger on. You think you might really like that place.


You decide, finally you are going to check out the new place. You gather up your courage and off you go. You walk in, with just the right amount of swagger in your step. Casually,  nonchalantly, yeah I’m cool, you order a Miller Lite.


A hushed silence falls over the place. The needle scraps accross the record. The cabin of the aircraft has just lost pressure. The silence says it all, get out. Get out you un-evolved drinker of mass produced beer! Should you leave, run?


Not to be discouraged you ask the question, perhaps even with an arrogant air. “What beer DO you carry?”  The bar keep smiles, his is a wizened look, a look that says let me elucidate things for you; you don’t even know what “elucidate” means, but his face clearly says it. A moment of panic. If I leave now no-one will notice!  And here comes the menu. Menu, this place doesn’t sell food? Over a hundred beers! “Oh, and the bottled beer is on the back” a hundred more! OH Shit, what do I do now?


Sound familiar? Beer gardens specializing in craft beer are popping up every where, this is a good thing. These places sell beer with names like; Arrogant Bastard and Rouge Dead Guy.   Craft beer is beer with flavour, beer with character, beer unafraid to be beer. The variety of craft beer available today is nothing short of amazing. I found this video about craft beer brewers in American and it is inspirational.


So don’t be shy, walk into that new place. If you are unfamiliar with craft beer tell them. Tell them you are a ready, ready for emancipation. Tell them you are ready to try something new, ready to shed the shackles of mass produced beer forever.


Here is a secret to finding something you like. Don’t read through a hundred beers trying to decipher a beers character.  You will see words like; hoppiness, body, carbonation, malt, sweetness. Just tell the bar keep what you like – even if it is Miller Lite.  They will bring you samples of several beers to try.  Keep trying till you find something you love!


IBG cheers

4 Responses to “What is Craft Beer?”

  1. You are correct! We have seen many of our friends, who started out drinking only Miller or Bud, evolve into the kind of people who enjoy a world of unbelievably diverse flavors and aromas every time they go out — because they have come to realize that no two beers are alike and they are always trying new ones. If anyone reading this has yet to drink anything but mass-produced beers, I encourage you to try something different. You will find enjoyment you never knew existed.

    • It’s true, build the courage to take the first step, you will develop a taste for real beer….and you will never go back to Pseudo-beer!

  2. Well said, my bitter-beer taste buds lover! I have found craft beer tastings to be as fun and educating as wine tastings.

  3. BTW…I loved the video. My favorite line: “We don’t chase after trends. We create them.” I’ll drink to that!

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