Nothing Notable; A Beer for a Florida Sunset

About a block from RC Otters is the Mucky Duck. The Mucky Duck is a restaurant on the beach. It sits at an unlikely angle as if just washed up. Any closer to the beach, and it would need a spinnaker! How this place has survived thirty years of Florida hurricanes and tropical storms is anyone’s guess; but survive it has.

Mucky Duck

 The Mucky Duck has average food, average beer and average entertainment. If it were located anywhere but the end of Andy Rosse Lane Captiva Island, Florida, it would have gone out of business years ago.


That said, you do not come to the Mucky Duck for its food, beer or entertainment. What you come for are the amazing sunsets. Because of location, location, location, the Mucky Duck does a roaring trade. There is always a wait. My recommendation; eat at RC Otters or Key Lime Bistro, then stroll down the lane to the Mucky Duck and order a beer at their bar.  They will put it in a plastic cup, which you can take out and onto the beach.


We showed up forty minutes before sunset and finding nothing on the beer menu appealing, I opted to try Kona Fire Rock Pale Ale. Nothing notable comes to mind about this beer, it is not particularly complex or flavorful, no sign of hops or malt. 


But what the hell I had two and the sunset was amazing!

 sunset 1

sunset 2

sunset 3



3 Responses to “Nothing Notable; A Beer for a Florida Sunset”

  1. Nice Sunset. Looks like a FAB vaca!

  2. Nice!

  3. Don’t forget to bring the bug spray while watching the sunset at the Mucky Duck. Although the mass quantities of beer may numb all the bug bites.

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