Would You Tap That?

There is a great little pub in Oldsmar; the Oldsmar Taphouse. It’s a small hole in the wall of a bar with barely enough room to turn around in. But, it has a large selection of Craft Beer. Although small, it is intimate and inviting and I for one really like the atmosphere of the place.

On a recent visit, I was browsing their selection of craft beers and came across Cigar City Maduro Brown Ale. This beer is brewed locally here in Tampa.

Cigar City may seem like a strange name for a beer brewed in Tampa. At least until you learn that Tampa has a rich history of cigar making. Tampa is home to a large population of Cubans, who brought a rich heritage including fantastic food and cigar making skills to the city.

I must say that I have been somewhat disappointed with most of what I have tasted from the Cigar City Brewery. Their Brown Ale is a notable exception. It has a nice balance of malt with a slight hop character that I really like. This is a great beer and I urge you to try it.

If you find yourself looking for a new place to try that is just a little off the beaten track, I recommend the Oldsmar Tap house and if Brown Ales are your thing you cannot go wrong with a pint of Maduro Brown!



5 Responses to “Would You Tap That?”

  1. ahhh… memories

  2. Great little place! There is a huge selection of beer too.

  3. I love the Old World character of the Oldsmar Taphouse, and I like how it is not on the main drag. It’s what a pub is supposed to be.

  4. […] Recently, the Dunedin Brewery and Cigar City Brewing have both hosted tastings. I have reviewed Cigar City Maduro Brown, but have never tried Dunedin Brewery Beer. A few nights ago, I decided to rectify this […]

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