Make beer not wine!

If you are looking for an interesting place to have a craft beer, make a point of stopping by Wine Design at the Channel Side Mall in Tampa.

I can hear it now…

Sacrilege!  He’s fallen off the edge! He’s gone bonkers!  He’s lost it!  He’s left the reservation!  Good God man!  Anywhere but a wine shop! I hate the buttery Range Rover types that frequent wine shops!  I really hate wine and I thought Allan did too!

Take heart dear reader, this wine shop is different.  This wine shop has uncommon courage.  This wine shop welcomes, dare I even say it, craft beer drinkers!


So friend, fellow patriot, colleague, member of the disenfranchised proletariat…walk into Wine Design with your head held high and turn immediately to your right.

There in a refrigerator sits an oasis of bottled craft beers. Beer from Stone shares its cold domicile with others from the likes of Rogue, Sea Dog, Abita, Spanish Peaks, and Lost Coast Brewery to name but a few.   You can buy a bottle for $2.80, much cheaper than a Macro Beer in any of the many bars in the area.

There is a movie theatre at Channel Side, so do what we do. Show up an hour early.  Pay Wine Design a visit, crack a cold craft beer and hang out with your friends pretending to be interested in the wine, all the while cupping a cold bottle of liquid pleasure in those weathered hands!



One Response to “Make beer not wine!”

  1. From the outside, Wine Design appears like a pretentious and snooty wine spot. Once you enter the shop, the experience is quite the opposite. The shop owners are friendly and very welcoming. Unusual and great gift finds can be found through out the store. Wine can be purchase by the glass or the taste, but the craft beer cooler at the front of the store is definitely my favorite!


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