Tap of the morning to you!

Of all the places in the world to find a truly authentic Irish Pub, downtown Tampa would probably be the last place you might look. Nevertheless, there it sits, an authentic, thatch roofed, Irish pub.

FourGreenFieldsBuilding It is called Four Green Fields.  If you are a Tampa local, you have almost certainly spent your share of Saint Patrick’s Days there.

The atmosphere is genuine Ireland. So many Irish Pubs in America are glamorous affairs with polished brass, polished wood, stuffed potato skins and franchise furniture. Anyone who has seen the inside of a pub in Ireland knows that they are often dingy little places where unpolished brass sits over dusty mantles.  Most true Irish Pubs have a subtle and inviting atmosphere that only centuries of drinking and engaging Saturday night conversations can create. There are such pubs in America, but they are hidden little gems with small, yet loyal clientele. Four Green Fields is one such place.

Open the door and an organic blend of stale beer, unfinished wood and thatch assails your senses. It is the smell of untold barrels of consumed beer, of spilled beer, of good times.  To the many Irish and Brits who frequent its hallowed walls, it smells like home.


On a recent visit, I had a pint of Smithwick’s. Smithwick’s is an award winning Irish Red Ale. It is available in almost any Irish pub and anywhere Craft Beer is served. Personally, I prefer American Brown Ales, but Smithwick’s goes down smoothly and it is an authentic taste of Ireland.

There is a common misconception that the Irish drink only Irish Stout. Irish Red Ale is also very popular and Smithwick’s is one of the very best. Despite being mass-produced and distributed worldwide, Smithwick’s has retained the character of a craft beer.

So, if it an authentic taste of old Ireland you are seeking, stop by Four Green Fields for a pint of Smithwick’s.  I promise, you won’t be disappointed!



5 Responses to “Tap of the morning to you!”

  1. Erika & I used to go to Four Green Fields all the time when we lived in South Tampa, and we still make it back every so often. It will aways be one of my 3 or 4 favorite pubs on earth – deserving of #1 in many ways, except that I assess a penalty point for the fact they have a photo of Gerry Adams on the back wall.

  2. Great pub! They also host a Tuesday night running event every week! Will run for pint and pasta! Cheers!

  3. […] like Four Green Fields in Tampa, McSorley’s has that smell and feel of an ancient pub. The atmosphere is palpable.  […]

  4. Life is too short for bad beer. 🙂

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