Suds in the City!

There are many great pubs in The City, but I have to say my absolute favorite is McSorley’s.  This little tap house has been serving its own beer in this location since 1854.  The opening of McSorley’s was the only notable event in 1854. Ok yes well there was the Crimean war and the Formation of the Republican Party, but these events pale next to the opening of McSorley’s!

IMG_8858Lots of people have written lots of things about McSorley’s so rather than repeating what others have said, I thought I might simply provide the ground rules for the place.

Don’t ask for Wheat or a Maibock and definitely don’t ask what kind of beer they have. They have two beers: light and dark. The light appears to be a red ale and the dark is a darkish American brown. Both are excellent, but the dark is generally considered a better beer, even by those who drink lighter beers.


Don’t ask them to top up your glass.  You will probably get a glass of beer that is at best ¾ full. Don’t bother asking them to fill it to the brim. If you want a full glass order two and combine.

Order quickly or they will move on to someone who knows what they want.  The beer menu simple, you should be able to order fast.  If you can’t, there are those who can!

Much like Four Green Fields in Tampa, McSorley’s has that smell and feel of an ancient pub.


The atmosphere is palpable.  Walk in and you can tell people have been drinking and telling tales for a hundred and fifty years. There is that slight smell of stale beer so beloved by Europeans and the floors and furniture are well worn. It’s intimate and inviting. The chandeliers have not been cleaned in fifty years. Run DMT wrote a great little review back in May you can check out her review here.

I highly recommend McSorley’s tap house.  If you are in New York and are looking for a great place to grab a beer there is no better place.



4 Responses to “Suds in the City!”

  1. I love this place too. We were there in January 2006 and I liked it when the server delivered our order by carrying all 8 beers without using a tray! They say Abraham Lincoln once drank here.

  2. Hold on there!

    The only time there was brewing on the premises was during Prohibition.

  3. That place looks fun! lots of people and good beer.

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