Why The Pinched Pint Glass?

McSorleysJust to clarify I’m not what you might call a creative writer, but my wife and many of my friends blog and so I too have been thinking about a topic upon which to blog.

Politics or exercise, lifestyles or music reviews, just about everything has been done and frankly much of it requires too much time work and/or effort.  As the father of two and husband of a busy SAHM, I have neither the time nor the inclination to do anything that requires that much thought, and so I continued to mull over ideas.

One afternoon, I realized that there is something I enjoy, requires minimal training (in fact the basic skill set is picked up in the first few years of life), can be shared with friends and family and as a bonus my wife would almost certainly approve. Drinking beer, genius! So this blog is intended to be about beer and about good places to drink beer. It is not intended to be particularly creative, well organized or even accurate for that matter! So if it is creativity, rational thought or  accuracy you crave seek elsewhere.

I should probably start with a couple of explanations: Why “ThePinchedPintGlass?” Firstly, what it is not; it is not a pint glass that has been squeezed in the middle.

I’m British by birth and American by chance. In the United Kingdom, pinched is a synonym for stealing. Therefore, ThePinchedPintGlass could also be TheStolenPintGlass. Beer and ale in the UK is served in pints and so “TheStolenBeerGlass” might work or even “TheStolenBeerMug”. However, I find the cultural connotation for my chosen title rather appealing and PinchedPint has a nice ring to it.  Thus, “ThePinchedPintGlass.”

This begs a question, why would someone intent on blogging about beer want to write about PinchedPint Glasses? The inspiration stems from my Wife Denise. Denise is an amazing person, she is woman personified, a wife, a mother, a sister, an extrovert, an athlete, a friend, a shoulder. She is also anobsessive compulsive avid blogger and has been building  a strong reputation in the blogosphere. If you care to check out her blog you can find it here.

At first I was reluctant, even hostile, to the idea of her blog. I’ve always been a private person, the thought of Denise  putting the intimate details of our life out there for public consumption was repugnant to my delicate sensibilities. However, in recent months, I have come around. While still not entirely comfortable with the idea, I, like many others, have found her blog to be inspirational.

When I first met Denise, I learned that she had taught in the UK about an hour from where I grew up, moreover, she had has a penchant for pinchingcollecting interesting pint glasses from the various taverns she frequents. Her first acquisition was from a pub in York, England called the Tap and Spile, a great little place frequented by the University crowd. In fact, we still have that first glass.

One morning I asked Denise to help me brainstorm the idea of a blog name, I knew that I wanted to write about beer, but the names I tried were taken. We quickly went from “HaveBeerWillTravel” through multiple fights iterations and fell finally upon “ThePinchedPintGlass”



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